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High Tide Writing Services wants to make sure you have the most well rounded business experience as possible. We understand that running a small business is no small chore and there are so many other moving parts besides your business plan. HTWS will

  • Get you on track with your daily financial reports
  • Help you recruit, interview, and hire the right team
  • Create an on boarding and training program specific to your company
  • Give you the tools you need to be a successful manager and leader

1. Key Performance Indicator (KPI) Analysis w/ Action Plan

Do you know what your Key Performance Indicators are? Are you using them to their advantage and having them help navigate your business? Are you able to make educated business decisions based on the trends of your KPI’s?

If you are a new or first time startup owner, you may find yourself struggling to identify which metrics belong where and which ones should be considered a KPI.

HTWS will provide you with a complete analysis of your figures and highlight the KPI’s that are most prominent to your specific business.

Per agreement, an action plan can be created that aligns with the needs and opportunities of your current trends. You will be coached on how to execute the action plan and monitor the results. There will be an opportunity for a follow up discussion on the action plan 30, 60, and 90 days from implementation.

2. Policy Analysis

If you are a new startup, creating your Policies and Procedures will be necessary to include in your business plan. Investors will want to know how you plan to add structure and guidelines to your company and its future employees and partners.

If you are an existing company, you may have founded some policies along the way that never made it into your business plan or really onto paper. As a growing business, you want to make sure all policies and procedures are very clear for everyone on your team. There should be no gray areas.  HTWS will

  • Write your Policies and Procedures with your collaboration.
  • Review existing company policies
  • Fill in any gaps and loopholes.
  • Create Company Handbook

3. A Team That Works With You

Having the right people surrounding you every day is SO important. When it comes to building a team, it takes time and effort to find quality talent, especially within your budget. However, the idea of investing in employees means that you’re in a place where you are ready to expand and grow your vision. You want to bring on people who will return on your investment in them. HTWS will

  • Recruit possible candidates
  • Connect you with good leads
  • Prepare you for the interview process
  • Schedule and arrange one on one interviews and/or group interviews
  • Develop and coach you on an on-boarding and training program specific to your company

High Tide Writing Services has ten years experience in recruiting, interviewing, hiring, and training. When you hire your first employee, you become a manager and more importantly, a leader. The value that comes with having a good training program in place for your new hires cannot be emphasized enough. It’s often hard to disguise how scatter brained we become when we are running a small business. To a new hire, we could come across as unprepared and disorganized. While that all may be true at some point in time, it’s important to show your new hires from the very start that they matter and the value they bring to the company is worth the investment you’re making on them. This is what cultivates a team atmosphere and will generate loyalty within your brand. This positive work environment starts from the moment you interview them and finally get them started with a good training program.

4. Management Development Package

The leaders you delegate to look over the growing departments of your brand will be extensions and reflective of you. They should have received the same training as your associates but there is also more expected of them. You hold them to a higher regard because of their expertise. In order for you and your delegates to have a good report with each other, there has to be stellar communication. They must be aware of the goals of the business and able to pass that information on in a relatable, productive manner. Taking on the HTWS Management Development Package means you and your team will receive:

  • A Communication Report:
    • Learn key elements to holding effective team touch bases and productive management meetings.
    • Team building skills
    • Learn efficient ways to lead a team and deliver key messages
    • Be more open to questions and investing time in training
    • Hold your management and associates accountable
    • setting SMART Goals
  • Policy Review
    • Review and Revival of all Company Policies.
    • Company Handbook creation
  • KPI Crash Course
    • What are KPI’s
    • How to monitor them
    • How to create and implement action plans that are relevant to your KPI trends.
  • Wearing the HR hat
    • Interviewing and Training
    • Onboarding paperwork
    • Hiring and Firing
    • Warning and Disciplinary Action
    • Team Accountability report
    • Leading by example


Pricing for all packages are per project and will be determined after an initial discussion and once the terms and scope of the project are agreed upon.

Let’s get your team in top shape!


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