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Meaghan Di Piano is a Business Service Planner and the founder of High Tide Writing Services.  She has extensive experience in Management and specializes in developing business plans and providing company analysis for potential and existing start up companies. High Tide Writing Services was started because we aim to participate in the growth of small businesses and be a part of communities who are also looking to make a difference by offering support to small businesses and creating jobs and revenue.

It’s a given that the business plan should be and is the first step to bringing your business concept to life. It is a map for your ever changing and soon to be growing business. Without it, you will be lost and wasting valuable time and money. High Tide Writing Services recognizes that as a new or current leader trying to manage the changing tide of business that keeping up with your business plan or even getting started on it, may seem like a daunting task. Maybe, you have a plan started but aren’t confident to start circulating it to investors yet.  Perhaps you have a severe case of writers block and can’t get the words down that perfectly depict the image you have for your business. Well, guess what? The words themselves aren’t nearly as important as making sure that your plan is chock filled with good, visually tangible content.

Working with HTWS means that you will receive invaluable content for your plan, your business, and your team without taking you away from your day to day so you can continue to focus on what matters, running the business itself. You will gain a trusted and lasting relationship with someone who has an extensive background in planning, training, and execution and wants to see your company blossom into its utmost potential.

We can’t wait to work with you!

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