6 Ways To Create a Successful Action Plan

One of the main keys to success is in planning. As a Small Business Owner, you should have a plan in place for everything. If you aren’t sure where to begin, I suggest you start with an action plan.

Let’s start with the first question you might have, what is an action plan?

Well,  It is a detailed outline of prioritized tasks required to meet an identified goal or end result.  An action plan lays out tangible, actionable items with a set end time. These can be created to improve the performance of an associate or you can assign tasks to members of your team who will be held accountable for the end results, such as improving sales or monitoring Key Performance Indicators, (KPI’s).

Regardless of the objective, the plan paints a picture of how these items or goals will be executed.  Writing the plan out can increase accountability among your team and act as a tool or point of reference. They are designed to gauge progress. When created for a sales team, it can shed light on top and bottom performers.

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Here are 6 ways to write a successful action plan:

  • Define Your Objective and choose obtainable goals. Once the plan is implemented,  it should be easy to understand. Your plan should also promote incentive and a sense of motivation among your team. 

  • Be Transparent with your plan. Bring on the valued guidance of your team. Have a brain storm session with them. Their input can result in stronger plan results and also give them a voice in the overall health of the business as well as their needs as employees. 

  • Create solid, measurable action steps. These steps are goals. They should be easily identified and obtainable. I cannot stress that enough. You should be discussing with your team ideas to improve areas or departments in which you are currently lacking support or results. You could create target sales goals for each member of your sales force and devise a plan on how they can reach their targets. There could be a hot new item that you’re about to introduce to your customers and you want to gauge their interest or engagement in your marketing of this new product. You need to write an action plan on how you will implement your marketing strategy.   Your plan should have target end dates that are created to promote productivity.

  • Delegate the steps of the plan to specific team members who will ultimately claim ownership and be responsible for the success of their part. Be sure to set them up for success  by giving them the necessary resources and support along the way. 

  • Adhere to a strict schedule, whether you are going after a short term or long term goal. The idea of an action plan is to break your goals down into smaller, shorter ones so they are easier to achieve. Having a clear time table will impose a sense of urgency and efficiency. 

  • Monitor & update your plan as you go. Keep your team in the loop as you endure the journey to success. Let them know where the areas of opportunity still are   and when their hard work has paid off with a specific milestone achieved. 

    If you keep these steps in mind as you go about writing your action plan, you’re sure to set up an actionable and successful plan that will not only positively affect your business but push your team to a higher standard.  

    High Tide Writing Services is always here to help you write and execute action plans for your team and business. Check out our ‘Additional Experiences’ on our homepage and drop us a line! We love hearing from you!


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